Counterfeiting is the act of imitating something with the intent to deceive. With respect to products bearing trademarks or to copyrighted works, counterfeiting refers to spurious copies of the genuine products made to look as if they were the genuine item. Often people mistakenly believe that counterfeiting does not hurt the public. This is false. 

Counterfeits undermine the consumer’s trust in the reliability of our product distribution system, they hurt the goodwill in the genuine products and ultimately they can cost jobs and cause injury.

Espinosa Martinez PL does not and will not represent counterfeiters. We will not profit from the intentional violation of legitimate intellectual property rights. We will consider representation were there have been false accusations of counterfeiting, but not where we believe that the potential client is involved, directly or indirectly, in counterfeiting. This is our commitment to our clients.

ET Law has substantial experience in conducting civil and criminal operations against counterfeiters. Our attorneys know how to work with U.S. and foreign officials to prepare, present and persuade police authorities to aggressively seize counterfeit products and prosecute counterfeiters. We know how to simultaneously operate both civil and criminal actions while avoiding ethical and constitutional issues. We know how to speak to foreign officials, in concert with our local counsel network, to obtain enforcement of foreign law. Our attorneys and staff have language fluency in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. Furthermore, we have on-the-ground experience in countries as diverse as Canada, Germany, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

In addition to enforcement and prosecution, ET Law can help you craft an effective anti-counterfeiting strategy. We know how to interface with Customs and Border Protection and other agencies as well as with local police authorities to successfully monitor the market. We use the Internet, private investigators and carefully targeted publicity to magnify your successes in order to discourage further counterfeiting.