Custom and Border Protection

We live in an increasingly interconnected world. Products are produced in one market and sold in another. The United States imports a large part of the products that it consumes. As a result, often the best line of defense against counterfeit goods is to shield against their entry at the border.

Espinosa Martinez PL knows how to interface with the often complex world of Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) to help our clients accomplish their goals.

Our attorneys work cooperatively with Customs Agents and import specialists to record your trademarks and copyrights in order to block counterfeits from entering U.S. commerce. Once identified and seized by CBP, we do not rest until the counterfeit products are destroyed and you are provided with all legally available information against the counterfeiter.

ET Law also works with you to get your products and funds through Customs. We associate the finest Customs professionals to assist with esoteric aspects of Customs law. Also, we directly petition against wrongful seizures and work aggressively to get wrongly detained products to market as quickly as possible.

Beyond the U.S. border, our network of foreign counsel work with us to help extend your rights to the national borders of other countries. Where possible we use local regulations to help seal the foreign borders against the entry of unauthorized and counterfeit goods. Likewise, we work through local experts to get your goods past the border and to your foreign markets.